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About us
Our Company plans solar installations and build it up
You can participate very easily.
We have our own employees who check how the solar installations is functioning.
You become a shareholder depending on the shares contributed.
There is an agreement between our company and the Bank "Landesbank Rheinland - Pfalz" in Germany that, if you contribute 25%, the Bank add 75%. From this 100% we build the Projects. The solarmoduls produce electrical power, that we sell to the main net company "RWE".
From the payment we get from "RWE" we will be able to pay back
your 25%
the 75% to the Bank
the Interest for Bank
your Interest.

Our company has made your participation easier by setting all necessary requirements including all plans, documents and ground.
To maintain the company and its projects we need you to participate  
Our company "Europasolar Betriebs GmbH & Co.KG" will take care of all the machinery, so you have no stress at all.

Our main product is Solar rotatory Systems and control for all years of function.
  SolarPowerTower                Big Solar rotatory System